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Calling all Shutterbugs in the peering community!

In celebration of 25 years of INEX connecting networks and people, we are delighted to announce the “Solas – Celebrating Light” INEX Photography Competition. As you probably know, Solas is an Irish language word that translates to light which is right at the heart of how both the internet and photography work. In the “Solas – […]

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INEX December 2021 meeting

The next INEX Meeting will take place on Thursday 16th of December at 3:30 UTC. While we had intended and hoped to have this meeting taking place in person, due to public health advice, we will hold it online via Zoom (email patricia@inex.ie for link). Our session will include a CEO and CTO update from […]

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2020 In Review – the Numbers at INEX

Reviewing 2020 traffic volumes, INEX has now entered the exabyte category with 1.181 EB of traffic flowing over the exchange during the year which was an increase from 724.744 PB in 2019. A year when global events created a significant rise in internet traffic, many members chose to upgrade their connectivity to the exchange. The […]

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IXP Manager Now Powering Peering at 130 IXPs Globally

100 User Milestone Passed in Style 130 IXPs globally are now Powering Peering with IXP Manager, making it the largest and most used peering platform in the world. These IXPs incorporate 7,561 individual switch ports peering over the IXP Manager platform around the world, delivering a total connected capacity exceeding 73 Terabits/sec. There are 3,720 […]

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IPv6 – INEX CTO Talk for IT@Cork

At the recent event on IPv6 hosted by the team at IT@Cork, INEX CTO, Nick Hilliard gave a presentation – an Introduction to IPv6 which was alongside a talk from founder and Managing Director of CloudCIX, Jerry Sweeney on Getting Ready for IPv6 Binary and Hexadecimal Addressing. These talks are an excellent introduction for those […]

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New Look Website for IXP Manager

92 IXPs around the world are Powering Peering with IXP Manager 110 community individuals have contributed to the IXP Manager project through GitHub 104 software releases over ten years  New website located at https://www.ixpmanager.org/ There are almost one hundred internet exchange points (IXPs) around the world that are Powering Peering using IXP Manager, including INEX where the platform was first developed. In recognition of this […]

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