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IPv6 – INEX CTO Talk for IT@Cork

At the recent event on IPv6 hosted by the team at IT@Cork, INEX CTO, Nick Hilliard gave a presentation – an Introduction to IPv6 which was alongside a talk from founder and Managing Director of CloudCIX, Jerry Sweeney on Getting Ready for IPv6 Binary and Hexadecimal Addressing. These talks are an excellent introduction for those […]

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New Look Website for IXP Manager

92 IXPs around the world are Powering Peering with IXP Manager 110 community individuals have contributed to the IXP Manager project through GitHub 104 software releases over ten years  New website located at https://www.ixpmanager.org/ There are almost one hundred internet exchange points (IXPs) around the world that are Powering Peering using IXP Manager, including INEX where the platform was first developed. In recognition of this […]

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OECD Report – April 2020

The OECD has released a report in recent days “Keeping the internet up and running during times of crisis” which has taken a look at the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and subsequent lock-down of countries on internet networks.  Overall, it communicates that the internet in general has withstood the demands placed upon it, thus far, and […]

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Adapting to Distancing – INEX’s Traffic Story So Far

It feels much longer to many of us but it’s only 18 days since the Irish Government, in the interests of reducing the community spread of Coronavirus, announced the closure of schools and asked those of us that could work from home to do so. As we wrote recently, INEX has been preparing for an […]

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Covid-19 Planning and Response

Top Line Data for Covid-19 at INEX: Core capacity of the INEX network increased by 30% 20% traffic growth since the lockdown 30% extra port capacity provisioned for members A record level of traffic (482Gbits) over INEX was recorded on March 24th, coinciding with An Taoiseach’s address to the nation. INEX began planning around the […]

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New Board of Directors

An EGM of INEX took place on January 30th at which the following board directors were elected: Annemette Broch, David Burke, Des Chambers, Ed Diggin, Rob Evans, Shane Hartigan, Tom Strickx and Jerry Sweeney A short board meeting was held after the EGM at which Shane Hartigan was elected Chairperson and Rob Evans as Secretary. The remaining officer positions of Treasurer […]

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