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INEX Price List

INEX Service Charges 2020

Charges listed in this document are valid until Dec 31, 2020. VAT is charged on invoices to Irish based companies at the prevailing rate at the time of invoices (23% from Jan 1, 2012). INEX operates a dual LAN environment (LAN1/LAN2) and welcomes connectivity to both for resiliency. INEX is a member owned IXP and as part of its structure and governance, no discounts on the pricing listed below is available. Membership Fees

Associate Membership€1,000per annum
Full Membership€1,000per annum
Joining FeeNo charge

Port Charges

DescriptionFirst LAN1 PortFirst LAN2 PortSubsequent PortsTerm
100Gb€18,000 (1)€14,400 (2)€14,400per annum
10Gb€3,600 (1) €0 (2)€2,880per annum
1Gb€900 (1)€0 (2)€720per annum

(1) Includes free 1Gb or 10Gb port on INEX LAN2 (same or faster port must be in place)

(2) Price based on there being port at this or higher speed on LAN1

Miscellaneous Charges

1G / 10G port at INEX Cork€0Until end Dec 2020
Private Interconnection link within INEX Cage€120per annum
Private Interconnection link to external cross-connect€240per annum
Private VLAN between two members (per party)€240per annum

Service Notes

Service Pricing Examples

ServiceMonthly Recurring Charge
Membership + 100G connection€1,583
Membership + 2 x 100G connection€2,783
Membership + 10G connection€383
Membership + 2 x 10G (LAN1 and LAN2)€383
Membership + 2 x 10G (LAN1 only)€623
Membership + single 1G connection€158
Membership + 2 x 1G connection (LAN1 and LAN2)€158
Membership + 2 x 1G connection (LAN1 only)€218