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Covid-19 Planning and Response

Top Line Data for Covid-19 at INEX: Core capacity of the INEX network increased by 30% 20% traffic growth since the lockdown 30% extra port capacity provisioned for members A record level of traffic (482Gbits) over INEX was recorded on March 24th, coinciding with An Taoiseach’s address to the nation. INEX began planning around the […]

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New Board of Directors

An EGM of INEX took place on January 30th at which the following board directors were elected: Annemette Broch, David Burke, Des Chambers, Ed Diggin, Rob Evans, Shane Hartigan, Tom Strickx and Jerry Sweeney A short board meeting was held after the EGM at which Shane Hartigan was elected Chairperson and Rob Evans as Secretary. The remaining officer positions of Treasurer […]

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INEX 2020 Port Charges

INEX has reduced its port charges at all speeds for 2020 and to encourage continued support of connections to LAN2, a 10Gb port is available free of charge to all members with a port at 10Gb or higher speed in place on LAN1. Port charges at INEX for 2020 100Gb ports are €18,000 (additional 100Gb […]

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INEX Board Members

An INEX Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 26th September 2019 to replace three Board members who resigned their positions. The following Member representatives were elected to the INEX Board at that meeting: Ronan Lupton (Independent / Barrister / ALTO), John McDonnell (Ripplecom) and Ronan Mullally (Akamai). They join Garrett Burke, (Egenera) INEX Secretary, Michael […]

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IXP Manager v5.1.0 Now Released

INEX is pleased to announce the release of IXP Manager v5.1.0. This release includes support for the just released version 1.0 of the IX-F Member List JSON schema from Euro-IX, the European Internet Exchange Association, and includes some bug fixes from the earlier v5.0 release. IXP Manager v5.0 is successfully running at a number of […]

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“Who is the IXP to argue with the resource holder? Nick Hilliard in APNIC Blog post

INEX CTO, Nick Hilliard delivered a blog post to APNIC on the background, ambitions and challenges that INEX had in adding RPKI support to IXP Manager. Read the full blog here: https://blog.apnic.net/2019/06/19/ixp-manager-adds-rpki-support-in-new-release/

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