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As an Internet Exchange Point, INEX has been committed to delivering back to the global IXP community since its early days, with team members participating and contributing at many international gatherings and supporting the development of new IXPs around the world. IXP Manager represents INEX’s greatest contribution to the community, to-date, and it is one that has gained the organisation great respect and recognition from around the world.

IXP Manager was originally built by INEX, in 2007, with the aim of enabling the management of INEX infrastructure in an efficient and low-cost manner. From its original form, IXP Manager has evolved enormously since then and is now the pre-dominant platform running on IXPs around the world.

A form of ‘IXP in a box’, IXP Manager was released by INEX as free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is in use by over 173 IXPs across the globe.

Following a call for additional financial  support to further progress its development in 2016, IXP Manager now has a full-time developer, dedicated to enhancing the platform even further to support the continued development of INEX and a growing number of IXPs around the world.

Security, consistency and reliability are the three key requirements of an IXP and IXP Manager has been designed to help us and others meet these.

The three main goals of IXP Manager are:

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