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INEX is a neutral, not-for-profit, industry-owned association, founded in 1996, that provides IP peering facilities for its members. INEX membership is open to all organisations that can benefit from peering their IP traffic. There are currently 128 members.

Our objective is to provide high-speed, reliable and resilient IP traffic exchange facilities for both Irish and International organisations, allowing them to route IP traffic efficiently thereby providing faster, more reliable and lower-latency internet access for their customers.

INEX switching centres are located in secure data centres around Dublin; Equinix in Citywest Business Campus, Kilcarbery Park and North West Business Park; Digital Realty DUB1 and DUB2 in Park West and the BT Citywest Data Centre. The infrastructure is connected by dedicated resilient fibre links.

In 2016, INEX launched INEX Cork which is a standalone peering exchange based in the CloudCIX facility in Hollyhill in Cork City. This regional exchange provides a peering facility for growing traffic volumes in the Cork and south west region of Ireland.

INEX is proud to have developed IXP Manager, a web-based IXP Management platform which facilities the smooth and efficient running of the exchange point. Following its successful implementation at INEX, IXP Manager was released under an open source license (the GNU Public License V2) which benefits the wider IXP community, and especially new and small IXPs looking to expand. It is now in use at over 73 IXPs around the world.

INEX is a member of Euro-IX.