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March 2017 INEX Meeting and AGM

Location: Marker Hotel, Misery Hill, Dublin 2


The INEX Meeting which will incorporate the INEX AGM will be taking place on Thursday, 30 March in the Marker Hotel, Misery Hill, Dublin 2. Information on the AGM will be issued to INEX Members via the INEX Members’ mailing list in due course.

This meeting is open to INEX Members and those within the internet industry who have an interest in networking topics and the speakers for this meeting.

As usual, the INEX meeting will be finishing around 5pm and will be followed by drinks and food and a chance to network with those attending.

We are grateful to Zayo for their generous sponsorship of the meeting and the social event that will follow.

On Friday 31st, RIPE NCC community building team will be holding a Member lunch – if you are a RIPE member and would like to attend this, here are the details.


David Malone
What a difference a second makes?

Time is fundamental to the internet but what is time and how have we arrived at the calendar and clock system that we have? David will look at the why leap seconds and leap years are necessary to keep us on track.

Biog: David Malone works in the Hamilton Institute and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. He does research usually involving some permutation of mathematics, computers and networking. On the side, he's been sysadmining since 1994 and a committer on the FreeBSD project since 2000. He is the co-author of O'Reilly's "IPv6 NetworkAdministration" along with Niall Murphy.

Michela Galante, RIPE NCC Global Information Infrastructure Team
RIPE Atlas Insights from Ireland and elsewhere

Biog: Michela Galante is a Project Coordinator for the RIPE NCC, working on interdepartmental projects for services such as RIPE Atlas, RIPEstat, K-root, DNSMON and RIS.

Michela represents the RIPE NCC at conferences to promote the use of technical tools such as RIPE Atlas and RIPEstat. She also collects feedback from, and provides support to, the users of these services and tools.

A native of Trieste, Michela has lived in Amsterdam for 15 years, joining the RIPE NCC in May 2013. Prior to this, she spent a decade in software development as a project manager.

Nick Hilliard, INEX CTO
BGP Large Communities

A look at the background to the development of BGP Large Communities which will finally allow organisations using ASN32s to have scalable policy routing.

Barry O'Donovan, INEX Operations Team
Update on INEX Operations
Niall Murphy INEX Chair and Barry Rhodes, INEX Chief Executive
Niall Murphy, Head of Ads Reliability Engineering at Google
Site Reliability Engineering

In his talk, Niall will give some insight to SRE challenges and how they have developed techniques and approaches to meeting these.

Biog: Current head of Ads Reliability Engineering at Google, Niall Murphy has been working in the internet industry for over twenty years, beginning with founding the UCD Internet Society in 1995.

In the early days, Niall cut his teeth with building internet infrastructure in a series of ISPs and the .IE domain registry, and caught the earliest waves of the wireless revolution by designing, implementing and testing various parts of Digifone Online (later O2 & three.ie), Eircell’s ISP (later Vodafone), and being a founding member of Bitbuzz, the Wifi hotspot company now owned by Virgin Media.

He is the author of a number of books, talks, and papers, most recently Site Reliability Engineering (O’Reilly 2016).

Annette Murphy, Zayo
Sponsor talk

Many thanks to Zayo for sponsoring the INEX meeting and social event.

December 2016

Location: The Marker Hotel, Misery Hill, Dublin 2


The INEX meeting will take place on Thursday, 1st December in the Shannon Room of the Marker Hotel on Misery Hill in Dublin.

We have a great line up of speakers and we would be delighted for you to share the details of this meeting with any colleagues who you believe may enjoy these presentations.

The meeting will be followed by a social event in HQ bar / restaurant, right next door to the Marker Hotel. We will have food and drinks there directly after the meeting.

The meeting and social event is very generously sponsored by Agile Networks and Juniper Networks and we thank them for their support. They will be holding a Lunch and Learn session just before the INEX meeting, starting at 12 noon and all INEX meeting attendees are invited to register for this.

Full details on the Agile Networks and Juniper Networks ‘Lunch and Learn’ are here including details on how to register for this event. Please register for the INEX meeting as well.

Paolo Lucente, Founder and Principal Developer

It's been 10 years since Paolo last presented at an INEX meeting and we are delighted to have him return. At our December meeting, Paolo will look at pmacct which is a free, open-source and featureful telemetry collector which is well adopted in the Service Provider arena worldwide and authored by the presenter. This presentation wants to provide an introduction to the capabilities and benefits of the pmacct software along with an overview of some of its use-cases.

Amanda Galligan, Snr Network Engineer, Workday
Network Testing/Validation using Virtualization

In her talk, Amanda will look at network testing/POC and how engineers can lever existing products like Virtualbox/KVM or even Public cloud providers to spin-up test environments

It's now possible for network engineers to use virtualization to build very complex lab environments where they can safely test changes or introduce new designs - Amanda will give some insights to how this benefits and run a demo on the day.

Peter Stevens, Mythic Beasts
IPv6 Only hosting
TJ McIntyre, Chair of Digital Rights Ireland and Lecturer at UCD School of Law
Surveillance Reform in Ireland. Why it matters and why the tech community should be concerned.

Biog: Dr TJ McIntyre is Lecturer in Law, University College Dublin where he specialises in issues involving information technology law and civil liberties. He holds a BCL from University College Dublin (First Class Honours), an LLM from University College London and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. His doctoral thesis was on the topic of internet filtering law and governance.

He qualified as a barrister in the Honorable Society of King's Inns, Dublin where he achieved the Antonia O'Callaghan Prize for Advocacy, and was later admitted as a solicitor by the Law Society of Ireland. He is a member of the New York Bar.

He is chairman of the independent civil liberties group Digital Rights Ireland and regularly appears in the national and international media discussing issues of law and technology.

Barry Rhodes
Update from the Chief Executive

Barry will do a review of 2016 today and include details of plans for 2017 including port charges.

Nick Hilliard
Update from Operations

A review of activity in the operations team since the last meeting including a look at the recently completed LAN1 renumbering project.

INEX The Roaring 20s

Location: The Liquor Rooms, Aran Quay, Dublin 2

To celebrate INEX’s 20th Anniversary, INEX – The Roaring 20s event will take place at 5:30pm on Thursday, 22nd September in the Liquor Rooms at 7 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2 (beside the Clarence Hotel).

After the brief EGM, we will have an intro from Barry Rhodes and following that a Fireside Chat event which will be facilitated by Alex French, an INEX Member from the very early days. Alex will be talking through INEX and Irish internet history with a number of people from the early days of the exchange and the industry highlighting some of the key moments and funny stories from those times.

We’ll hear about the process of getting agreement between the founder organisations, the early data centre challenges and the costs of connectivity back then. We’ll also hear about the unique challenges of bringing internet connectivity to islands off the west coast of Ireland and navigating the unusual challenges of delivering services both side of the border in Donegal/Derry.

At 6:30, the event will move to the The Roaring 20s party in the Rabbit Room speakeasy of the Liquor Rooms for drinks, food and entertainment.

We have had a great response to the invitation to far with a number of those involved from the very early days coming along to share their stories and meet former colleagues.

If you have stories from the early days either in INEX or in the bringing to life of the internet anywhere in the country, we’d love to hear from you.