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INEX Summer Social 2019

Location: Opium, Wexford Street

The INEX Summer social event will take place on Thursday, 27th June from 7pm in the Rooftop Bar of Opium on Wexford Street. Come and join us for an evening of food, drinks and the company of the internet networking community.


March Meeting and 2019 AGM

Location: Irish Aviation Authority Conference Centre


The INEX meeting and AGM will be taking place on Thursday, 28th March in the Irish Aviation Authority conference facility on D’Olier Street, Dublin 2.

As always, our INEX meetings are open to Members and others within the internet networking community who would like to attend.

Many thanks to the team at Agile Networks as our meeting and social event sponsor. The meeting and AGM will be followed by a social event in JW Sweetman, just around the corner from the meeting venue on Burgh Quay.

The INEX AGM will begin at 14:30hrs and the Official Notice for the AGM has been issued to the INEX  Members’ list.

Brendan Minish, INEX Chair
Orla McGann, INEX Board - CEO Hiring Subcommittee
Update on the CEO Recruitment Process
Ben Cartwright-Cox, benjojo.co.uk
The Fast and the Furious: Propagation Drift

Biog: Ben is a Systems Engineer from London, who started off with a background in web security and has found a fascination in internet infrastructure and protocols. In his spare time he tinkers with old and new protocols to bring them to life.

Róisín King
INEX Operations Update
Michal Krzysztofowicz - Agile Networks and Serguisz Paprzycki - Viatel
Automation for Mere Mortals
Jacky Fox, Cyber & IT Forensic Lead at Deloitte

Biog: Jacky Fox, leads the cybersecurity and IT Forensic practice for Deloitte in Ireland and lectures on the MSc in Cyber Security for University College Dublin. She has 20+ years’ experience working in technology and security, and advises leading Irish and international organisations on managing their cyber risk. Jacky holds an MSc in Digital investigations and forensic computing and is a certified forensic analyst and industrial control systems professional. She is an active researcher and public speaker on topics ranging from windows registry analysis, cryptography, threat intelligence, incident response and hacking.

Jacky was named Security Champion of the Year at the 2018 Women in IT Awards Ireland for her strong technical skills and determination in helping address the problem of gender diversity with the tech world.

Barry O'Donovan, INEX Operations Team
Eileen Gallagher
Update on INEX

December 2018 Meeting

Location: Irish Aviation Authority Conference Centre


The INEX meeting took place on December 13th in the IAA building on D’Olier Street.

In honouring our chief executive of 15 years, Barry Rhodes, who passed away soon after our September meeting, we opened with a tribute to him and his leadership of INEX given by Nick Hilliard. 

We have a number of excellent speakers lined up for this meeting and after it concludes at 5pm, we will move to the social networking event in the Temple Bar Hotel on Fleet Street (two minute walk away) together with our sponsor for the event, Interxion.


Brendan Minish, INEX Chairperson
Update on the Board's Activity and Planning

Brendan will be giving an update on activity that the board has been undertaking in recent weeks.

Andrew Maybin, INEX Hiring Committee
CEO Recruitment Update
Amanda Galligan, Workday
The Accidental Network Engineer

Amanda will be discussing the difficulty aspiring wannabe network engineers face trying to get into the industry. She will be taking a look at the role of mentorship in the industry and how things can be progressed.

Barry O'Donovan
Update on INEX Operations
Job Snijders, NTT Communications
The Road to Improved Routing Security

Routing security is on the move, things are looking up! So, what changes to routing security are in the pipeline? What will happen in the next 18 months? In this presentation we cover updates from around the world and the role of RPKI - the future is bright!

Neil Lathwood, CTO of UKFast
LibreNMS for Service Providers
Eileen Gallagher
Update on INEX Membership, Community and 2019 Port Charges
Cathal Mooney, Asavie
Five Minutes of Fame
Michael Gubbins Detective Superintendent Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau
How and why the Cyber Crime Bureau Works

September 2018 INEX Meeting

Location: Iveagh Garden Hotel, Harcourt Street


The INEX meeting will take place on Thursday, 13th September in the Iveagh Gardens Hotel on Harcourt Street in Dublin 2. Registration and coffee opens at 12.30pm with presentations beginning at 1pm. We have some great speakers already confirmed and are looking forward to an excellent meeting.

The meeting will be followed by drinks and food in the bar area of this hotel.

Huge thanks to Viatel who are sponsoring this meeting. We appreciate the support of the team there.


Nicole Starosielski, Associate Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU
Subsea cables in a cyber terror / war world

Biog: Nicole Starosielski’s research focuses on the global distribution of digital media, and the relationship between technology, society, and the aquatic environment. Her book, The Undersea Network, examines the cultural and environmental dimensions of transoceanic cable systems, beginning with the telegraph cables that formed the first global communications network and extending to the fiber-optic infrastructure that carries almost international Internet traffic. Starosielski has published essays on how Fiji’s video stores serve as a nexus of digital media access (Media Fields Journal), on Guam’s critical role in transpacific digital exchange (Amerasia), on the cultural imbrications of cable systems in Hawaii and California (Journal of Visual Culture), and photo essays on undersea cables (Octopus and Media-N). Before coming to NYU, she taught at Miami University of Ohio. She received her Ph.D. from UC-Santa Barbara.

Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder
Key ceremony for internet root zone and a look at DNSSEC today

The why, who and how of key ceremony for internet root zone.

With so many new security protocols being implemented, what is the importance of DNSSEC today.

Biog: Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder is Chief Information Security Officer at IIS, the Internet Foundation in Sweden. She is ranked as one of Sweden’s leading experts on IT security. In 2013 Anne-Marie was the first Swede to become inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame. In addition to a number of other international roles, Anne-Marie is on the board of the IE Domain Registry.

Barry Rhodes, Chief Executive
Update from the Chief Executive
Nick Hilliard, CTO
Operations Update
Nigel Bayliff, CEO AquaComms
The Atlantic - Cables are being built again

The economics of new cable builds in the Atlantic and how Ireland is positioned in this economy. Nigel will also give some insight to how cables, often the size of a garden hose are wrestled from 4,000m under the sea.

Ian Cleary, Head of Interconnection Ireland and other countries
Google's tools for ISPs and an insight to the support for IXPs

Summer Social 2018

Location: Against the Grain, Wexford Street


The INEX 2018 Summer Social will take place on Thursday, 14th June in Against the Grain on Camden Street. Doors open at 7pm and we’re planning to begin the quiz at 7.45pm.

A mix of quiz, comedy, drinks and food, together with the great company of the INEX community, we’re grateful to enet for their support of the event. Tables of four for the quiz and these can be made up on the night or you can hunt down the dream team in advance. Extra point for every separate company represented on the quiz team – four companies represented, four extra points to start off with. The winning team will be rewarded with a fabulous prize!

Hosting the quiz will be musical comedian and MC and Irish Comedian of the Year for 2016/2017, Steve Bennett.

Please feel free to pass this invite on to those in the community who have attended INEX meetings in the past or who are involved in internet networking. Looking forward to another great INEX Summer Social! If you would like to attend but not participate in the quiz, that’s great too.

2018 March meeting and AGM

Location: Tramline Venue, 5 Hawkins Street, Dublin 2


The INEX meeting and AGM will take place in the Tramline Venue on Thursday, 15th March. Registration opens at 12:30pm, with presentations beginning at 1pm.

We have a great line up of speakers and look forward to gathering the INEX community together for our first meeting of 2018. As usual, we welcome delegates from across the IP Community and please do feel free to pass on details of the meeting to your colleagues.

Full details on the AGM will be issued separately to INEX members.

As usual the meeting will be followed by a social event and we will have a dedicated area within Tramline for drinks and lots of their excellent pizza.

Huge thanks to Agile Networks and the team their for their support of this meeting.

Laura Nolan, Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Google
Espresso: Google's SDN peering edge architecture

This talk looks at Espresso, Google's SDN peering fabric. Espresso delivers huge improvements in scale and efficiency at our network edge.

We'll cover how it works, as well as how we launched it, and how we built a cohesive structure and oncall organisation for it out of several diverse teams.

Biog: Laura Nolan has been a Site Reliability Engineer at Google for five years, working on large data infrastructure projects and most recently, networking. Her background is in software engineering and computer science. She wrote the 'Managing Critical State' chapter in the O'Reilly SRE book, and is co-chair of SREcon Europe/Middle East/Africa.

Attilla de Groot, Cumulus Networks
If (network == server) { magic happens }

Cumulus Linux is a NOS that runs on 50+ different hardware platforms used in data centers. Automating a server infrastructure with DevOps tools and a CI/CD environment is common today. What if your network acts like a server, can you do the same?

Biog: Attilla has spent the last 15 years at the cutting edge of networking, having spent time with KPN, Amsterdam Internet Exchange, and HP, with exposure to technology from Cisco, HP, Juniper, and Huawei. He now works for Cumulus Networks, the creators of open networking, where he is able to continue his interest in open architecture design and automation.

Anna Wilson, Service Desk Manager at HEAnet
Stop running servers for your hobbies

When you've any technical knowledge at all, you often end up being the de facto tech person for your family, friends and hobbies. And some of it's even interesting. It's easy to set up a virtual machine running apache and wordpress for your tennis club, calligraphy circle or ice cream appreciation group. Yes, they could use a third party, but we can do a much better job, and cheaper too. Given what we do on a day to day basis, it doesn't feel like very much work.

Please stop.

Cancelled due to illness: Kevin Gannon, Agile Networks
Routing Ethernet

The use of new BGP extensions to allow the ability to place machines anywhere on the network and provide seem-less mobility over an existing L3 network. Also the ability to migrate services without readdressing and needing L2 inter site or a big bang migration.

Barry Rhodes, INEX Chief Executive
Update on INEX
Colin Dalton, INEX Chairperson
Denis Nolan, INEX Operations Team
Update on INEX Operations
John Quinn, Euroroute
Five Minutes of Fame - Associate Member
Michal Krzysztofowicz, senior network engineer, Agile Networks
Death of a Network Engineer

In the past we, Network Engineers, used CLI for everything from device commissioning to service provisioning, to configuration changes due to upgrades, to troubleshooting. This has been riddled with issues (consistency issues, typos, errors due to tiredness or rush), is boring and not very scalable. Let computers do what they're best at through automation to do the menial work and let's free ourselves to use our grey matter for things we're good at like designing and implementing new things. It's not difficult and it can be fun!

Will Hargrave, CTO, LONAP
BGP Session Culling

One of the co-authors of last week's RFC on the topic, alongside our own Nick Hilliard, Will is giving an advanced insight into BGP Session Culling.

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