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The INEX Team

The professional team behind INEX, a member-owned IXP

Eileen Gallagher


Eileen Gallagher

Eileen was appointed CEO of INEX in September 2021 following a period as interim CEO from December 2020. Working with INEX since 2005, she originally came into the team to oversee the business and reputation development of the organisation, helping to build the membership from 18 when she joined to over 100.

As CEO, she oversees the development and running of the organisation, working closely with the management team and board to enhance the value of INEX to its members.

Passionate about INEX’s and Ireland’s role in the international communications landscape, she engages with the internet community globally to attract new members to the organisation. Eileen has been instrumental in bidding for, hosting and supporting a number of international industry meetings in Ireland including Euro-IX, RIPE, European Peering Forum and ICANN.

She was elected to the Euro-IX board in 2018, re-elected in 2020 and now serves as vice-chair to the organisation that was formed in May 2001 with the intention to develop, strengthen and improve the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) community in Europe.

Prior to working with INEX she worked in the technology communications consulting industry in London, where she lived for 12 years.


Nick Hilliard



A pioneer of the Irish internet, Nick has specialised in IP backbone design and implementation since 1995 and has been involved with INEX since its inception. Operating his own specialist internet networking consulting business, he acts as chief technical officer of INEX which is one of his clients. In this role, he directs INEX’s infrastructure design and engineering and leads the outsourced operations team. He also contributes as part of the INEX management team.

On behalf of INEX, he liaises with international organisations such as RIPE, the IETF, Euro-IX, and is actively involved in developing European IP addressing policy and creating technical standards for IXPs world-wide.

Barry O'Donovan

Network Superhero


As an internet infrastructure specialist, Barry has extensive experience designing, building and managing critical network and server infrastructure for small service providers to large scale national ISPs. Barry began providing professional services to INEX in 2008, through his consultancy business Open Solutions, and he is part of INEX’s management team and the operations team.

Barry is also the project manager and lead developer of INEX’s open-sourced IXP Manager project – the most trusted IXP platform worldwide – in use at circa 200 IXPs. It is a full stack management system for IXPs which includes an administration and customer portal; provides end-to-end provisioning; and both teaches and implements best practice.

He is also an accomplished PHP programmer, a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) for the specialist area of solution development and implementation, and presents routinely for INEX and others. You can find more information on his personal website.


Patricia Soria

Marketing and Community Development

Patricia has more than 15 years of experience working in communication, event organising and producing content for the Web. At INEX, Patricia leads the Marketing and Community Development. She previously worked with HEAnet and Irish Life in Ireland and various media outlets in Spain.

You will find Patricia developing and delivering INEX events and marketing activity and engaging and working with members. Patricia also produces content for the website and social media channels and generally supports the team and community whenever they need it.

She also represents INEX at many international industry conferences and meetings and is part of the of Euro-IX group responsible for producing video content that explains the world of IXs to the general public .

Róisín King

Network Engineer


Róisín looks after the day to day operations of INEX as part of the outsourced operations team, which includes handling member support queries, bringing up new connections to the exchange, performing port upgrades and undertaking maintenance windows for platform/DWDM upgrades.

She has previously worked at a Domain Registry where she was responsible for ensuring the continuous operation of the national registry’s critical infrastructure and their edge network. Róisín has been working in the ISP networking industry since 2014, she has also been a part of the technical team at INEX since 2016.

Róisín regularly represents INEX at international industry conferences and meetings and joined the Programme Committee of Euro-IX in 2018.

Denis Nolan

Network Engineer


As systems and networking engineer at INEX as part of the outsourced operations team, Denis is involved with the day to day running of our service desk as well as keeping the INEX infrastructure and members alike happy. Prior to INEX, Denis has held key engineering roles within the telecoms and enterprise computing / hosting sector having responsibilities over core networks and infrastructure. With experience in developing cloud infrastructure, secure encrypted email for global private networks and working on major semi-state projects, he understands the work and challenges that many of the INEX members face on a daily basis giving him a great insight to their needs.

Denis attends and represents INEX at various international industry events and conferences.

Louisa Holmes


louisa-holmes-doyle-bw-copyLouisa handles the administration of INEX including the day-to-day financial administration and is the key liaison point for members in relation to membership fees and payment.