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INEX Maintenance Windows

Critical service non-emergency maintenance

INEX schedules critical service maintenance windows between 00:00 and 04:00 UTC (or BST during summer time) on Wednesday mornings and Thursday mornings. Members are notified about all scheduled critical maintenance windows by email to the INEX technical mailing list. Notification for routine maintenance of critical services where the maintenance is likely to involve service disruption will be provided 7 or more calendar days before the maintenance window is due to begin.

In general, if the scheduled maintenance is likely to involve serious disruption, two calendar weeks notification will be provided.

Critical service emergency maintenance

In the case of emergencies, INEX reserves the right to perform critical maintenance on a 24x7x365 basis without prior notification to INEX members. Emergencies are defined as situations where:

  • hardware equipment failure causes loss of entire switch blade or chassis
  • loss of inter-switch trunk connections has occurred which reduces the INEX metro topology to including a single point of failure scenario
  • switch software failure causes catastrophic loss of service to multiple INEX member connections
  • member port misconfiguration or hardware/software bug causes loss of service or down-time for other INEX members, in the potential situation where this is not prevented by INEX port security measures
  • there is other catastrophic loss of service for a significant number of INEX member connections and immediate investigation is required

In the case of emergencies such as these, best efforts will be made to notify members and to provide ETRs.

Non-critical service maintenance

INEX performs routine non-invasive maintenance on non-critical services during office hours. Maintenance of this form is guaranteed not to interfere with the core switching functionality of INEX, although ancillary services may be temporarily disrupted (stats, web site, email, etc)