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IXP Manager v6.3.0 now available

INEX is pleased to announce the release of IXP Manager v6.3.0. This release brings enhanced security features as well as various enhancements and bug fixes.

We recommend all IXPs that use IXP Manager upgrade to this new version.

Full details on all the updates to IXP Manager v6.3.0 can be found here https://github.com/inex/IXP-Manager/releases/tag/v6.3.0.

Thank you to the IT Consultancy and their internationally respected cyber security and risk assessor that uses IXP Manager in one of their solutions and shared their findings with INEX.

And as always, huge thanks to the INEX Members and the generous sponsors of IXP Manager for supporting the continued development of IXP Manager, which is now in powering peering at over 191 IXPs around the World. https://www.ixpmanager.org/sponsors