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INEX 2020 Port Charges

INEX has reduced its port charges at all speeds for 2020 and to encourage continued support of connections to LAN2, a 10Gb port is available free of charge to all members with a port at 10Gb or higher speed in place on LAN1.

Port charges at INEX for 2020

100Gb ports are €18,000 (additional 100Gb ports €14,400)

10Gb ports are €3,600 (first 10Gb port on LAN2 free and additional ports on either LAN €2,880)

1Gb ports are €900 (first 1Gb port on LAN2 free and additional 1Gb ports on either LAN €720)

All ports at INEX Cork continue to be free of charge and the annual membership fee for 2020 remains at €1,000 for all Members.

All port charges are pro-rated to the month of joining or upgrading. Further details on INEX charges are located here.