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Happy RPKI Day at INEX!

Happy RPKI Day at INEX!

We have gone ‘all in’ with RPKI and as of the early hours of this morning,

1) RPKI is fully implemented in IXP Manager’s router configuration generator for Bird v2 🎉 This will be released in the coming weeks as IXP Manager v5. 2) Bird’s Eye, INEX’s micro service for programmatic / API access to Bird was upgraded to support Bird v2.

To test both (1) and (2), we put this live on our route collectors on Tuesday, 5 February. ┬áBird’s Eye – with IXP Manager now tags prefixes with informational communities to show why a prefix may / is filtered. E.G. warning symbols

Early this morning, we rolled Bird v2 + RPKI validation out across one half of every route server pair. INEX will not propagate RPKI invalids. Second half of all route server pairs will be upgraded to Bird v2 + RPKI week of 11 February.

“RPKI Day at INEX, The Movie” will be coming to all good cinemas (aka industry conferences) near you in the coming months with some behind the scenes footage. Premiere will be at Apricot 2019 when Barry O’Donovan takes to the stage

We have endeavoured to deliver one of the best deployments of RPKI with the best tooling around it. Come and join us in making the internet more secure and robust!