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Solas - INEX 25th Anniversary Photography Competition


Congratulations to the the winners of the INEX Solas photo competition: Angela Stanescu from InterLAN Internet Exchange (1st Prize), Robert Hackett from @HEAnet (2nd Prize) and Alex Bloor Andrews&Arnold/LINX (3rd Prize).

Thank you to all of you in the worldwide peering and networking community who took part and shared your joyful pictures.

Check out the  Solas INEX25 Photo Competition video gallery  to view other people’s submissions and also on Twitter @SolasINEX25 and Instagram @Solas_INEX25. Hashtag #SolasCelebratingLight #INEX25


As this is a competition across the global peering community, defining individual prizes is not practical. We will therefore nominate a number of photography related prizes that the winner in each category can choose from, suitable to their needs and location.
• 1st Prize – €500 value.
• 2nd Prize – €300 value.
• 3rd Prize – €200 value.


In celebration of 25 years of INEX connecting networks and people, we ran the Solas INEX Photography Competition.

All in the peering community were invited to enter and share their best pictures with us. We welcomed entries from those within networks who engage in peering (both INEX members and non INEX members), our colleagues in other IXPs and those in community organisations who support the work of IXPs and peering.

Solas is the Irish language word for light and there is plenty of light in our worldwide community!

Competition Rules

Direct any questions regarding the competition to solas@inex.ie