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IXP Manager v5.0 Dedicated to Barry Rhodes RIP

IXP Manager 5.0 has now been released. This is a major update to the platform with 970 files changed, 79020 insertions(+), 87488 deletions(-). IXP Manager 5.0 is now available to the 70+ IXPs around the world who are using the platform.

Nick Hilliard and Barry O’Donovan from the INEX Operations team were keen to include recognition of the support that Barry Rhodes RIP gave to the IXP Manager project, reflecting his keenness to openly share knowledge and expertise to facilitate the development of IXPs around the world

The IXP Manager 5.0 release has been dedicated to Barry Rhodes on GitHub with a note of dedication. Barry was Chief Executive of INEX for 15 years and we are proud to honour his legacy.