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Rwakagabo Janvier janvier.r at ricta.org.rw
Mon Dec 31 19:26:24 GMT 2018

Thanks Nick,


See the error I am getting by adding the switch via SNMP and advise.


Could not interpret switch system description string - most likely because no platform interpretor exists for it.

Please see this OSS_SNMP page and consider adding one.

Otherwise use the the manual add method.


I want to add a juniper switch with below version


show version 



Model: ex4550-32t

Junos: 15.1R7.8

JUNOS EX  Software Suite [15.1R7.8]

JUNOS FIPS mode utilities [15.1R7.8]

JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [15.1R7.8]

JUNOS Online Documentation [15.1R7.8]

JUNOS EX 4500 Software Suite [15.1R7.8]

JUNOS Web Management Platform Package [15.1R7.8]




On 27/12/2018, 14:46, "Nick Hilliard (INEX)" <nick at inex.ie> wrote:


    Rwakagabo Janvier wrote on 27/12/2018 12:12:

    >  2. I am having also an issue to add the switch using SNMP method,  what

    >     info to feed the cabinet field ?? 


    >                it is saying select cabinet but I don’t have options.


    >               Cabinet Please select a cabinet


    We did a workshop on how to set up a basic IXP Manager installation, 

    which you can find here:


    > https://www.ixpmanager.org/media/2018/inex-apricot-ixp-manager-workshop2-installation-2018-02-25.pdf


    This shows you how to handle initial configuration.




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