[ixpmanager] Discovered MAC Addresses Issue

Nick Hilliard (INEX) nick at inex.ie
Mon Dec 31 10:59:12 GMT 2018

Hi Ahmed,

Ahmed Al-Saruri wrote on 31/12/2018 05:55:
> Hello Team,
> I have an issue detecting all interfaces MAC addresses with the script 
> "update-l2database.pl". Only few random interfaces MAC addresses are learned.
> The switch has around 2000 MAC address. Only 250 MAC addresses are with 
> I have successfully managed to poll and detect MAC addresses 
> successfully from a similar switch but with less MAC addresses learned.
> Therefore, I am wondering if there are any MAC address limitations with 
> the script or if you could assist in this matter.

there are no limits in the script, and it should ignore unknown MAC 
addresses. Usually problems like this are caused by not configuring the 
interface type correctly in IXP Manager (Switches / Switch Ports).

You can see what's happening in this script by using the "--debug" CLI 

Normally we would recommend having dedicated hardware for an IXP.


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