[ixpmanager] Way to selectively disable AS Path or Prefix Based Filtering?

Dennis J. 'JD' Bungart jan.bungart at rise.ph
Tue Dec 4 09:03:36 GMT 2018


I appreciate your feedback and totally understand where you coming from.
But keep in mind that not all of us work in the environment and have to
face different challenges. There are valid situations under which you
might want to (selectively) disable prefix filtering. Hence, my question.

BTW: As mentioned you can already turn off prefix and AS path filtering
altogether by unchecking "Apply IRRDB Filtering" on a logical port.

Apologies for TOFU.


On 12/4/18 4:20 PM, Nishal Goburdhan wrote:
> On 4 Dec 2018, at 9:53, Dennis J. 'JD' Bungart wrote:
>> Is there a way to disable prefix filtering and leave as path filtering
>> in place using the UI?
> no doubt you know this already, but that’s a really dangerous thing to
> do.  i’d be loathe to see ixpmanager support a feature that creates a
> false sense of security.  as a user, and sometimes assistant to get
> ixpmanager running at other ixps, if this option _were_ to be
> available, i’d really like to see it not made visible via the UI,
> because the temptation to “not prefix filter” to fix a problem for a
> loud peer, is just too easy.
> our story:
> since we’ve migrated away from our (time-consuming) home-grown filter
> set, which took into account “friendly mistakes/accidents” by peers,
> and started using automated filtering based on IRR objects (via
> ixpmanager), we’ve had a few peers grumble and moan because now _they_
> have to do the work of resolving IRR mismatches.  but overall, we
> think that’s a good thing;  we work with, and support them in doing
> that, and we even hold training classes where we work through how to
> get this, and rpki done.  which we think is a good thing, because it
> all contributes to building the community.  and, of course, makes
> things just a little bit safer.
> —n.
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