[ixpmanager] Way to selectively disable AS Path or Prefix Based Filtering?

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Tue Dec 4 08:20:55 GMT 2018

On 4 Dec 2018, at 9:53, Dennis J. 'JD' Bungart wrote:

> Is there a way to disable prefix filtering and leave as path filtering
> in place using the UI?

no doubt you know this already, but that’s a really dangerous thing to 
do.  i’d be loathe to see ixpmanager support a feature that creates a 
false sense of security.  as a user, and sometimes assistant to get 
ixpmanager running at other ixps, if this option _were_ to be available, 
i’d really like to see it not made visible via the UI, because the 
temptation to “not prefix filter” to fix a problem for a loud peer, 
is just too easy.

our story:
since we’ve migrated away from our (time-consuming) home-grown filter 
set, which took into account “friendly mistakes/accidents” by peers, 
and started using automated filtering based on IRR objects (via 
ixpmanager), we’ve had a few peers grumble and moan because now _they_ 
have to do the work of resolving IRR mismatches.  but overall, we think 
that’s a good thing;  we work with, and support them in doing that, 
and we even hold training classes where we work through how to get this, 
and rpki done.  which we think is a good thing, because it all 
contributes to building the community.  and, of course, makes things 
just a little bit safer.


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