[ixpmanager] upload daily stats to db for mrtg rrd dbtype

Athanasios Douitsis aduitsis at noc.ntua.gr
Wed Jun 7 22:14:22 IST 2017

Hello all,

Zenon and I were looking today to see whether switching from .log to
.rrd files for mrtg would cause any trouble in ixpmanager4. We observed
that there is the possibility that, switching to rrd will make the
artisan grapher:upload-stats-to-db stop working.

As far as we can see, the code does handle reading .log files but we
cannot ascertain whether there is the same functionality for .rrd files.

Could anyone confirm or (even better) refute that? We like the daily
stats parsed and put into the db, but we'd also like to switch to rrd,
due to its vastly superior separation of collection from graphing.

In other words, we'd like to have our cake and eat it too :).

Kind regards to all,
Athanasios Douitsis

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