[ixpmanager] Generating Route server Configuration for Cisco routers

Nick Hilliard nick at inex.ie
Sun Dec 10 11:35:47 GMT 2017

k.abdalla at q-ab.com wrote:
> Would you please tell  how to generate route server configuration By IXP
> Manager . We are using Cisco IOS for our route server and we didn’t know
> how to fill  “Template” field when add a new  router .

It would be a bad idea to use IOS for a route server: it is not rfc7947
compliant (i.e. cannot perform route server functionality properly) and
it's troublesome to script properly.

If you want a route server, by far your best option would be to follow
the instructions for deploying BIRD from the IXP Manager documentation.
 This is a supported configuration which people will be able to help you
with.  Cisco IOS is not supported and you'll be on your own.


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