[ixpmanager] Error while installing Ixp manager v4

Barry O'Donovan barry.odonovan at inex.ie
Thu Jun 9 12:47:59 IST 2016

Please see the discussion in these threads:


IXP Manager v4 has not been released and is still in development.

If you want to play with it, the Vagrant install should "just work" with 
these instructions:


and this script shows the complete set-up of the VM and IXP Manager:


and it creates a very basic version of .env:

cat >/vagrant/.env <<END_ENV

  - Barry

Samarth Arora wrote:
> Samarth Arora has shared a OneDrive file with you. To view it, click the
> link below.
> <https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtOZ9atPcN8UgTetu1IGpoTW5VZ->
> <https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtOZ9atPcN8UgTetu1IGpoTW5VZ->
> Screenshot from 2016-06-09 15-17-43.png
> <https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtOZ9atPcN8UgTetu1IGpoTW5VZ->
> 	[Screenshot from 2016-06-09 15-17-43.png]
> processor-Intel I5-5200U
> Mysql-5.9
> Php-7.0
> HI, I've installed Vagrant and virtual machine on my computer with
> composer running on monolog, I'm not able to finf .env file to create a
> databse to to acess ixp manager. According to the following link
> https://ixp-manager.readthedocs.io/en/latest/dev/vagrant.html
> Step After vagrant is up, I shall be able to access the localhost, which
> is not available.
> Kindly guide me through the installation process ahead as now I'm
> thoroughly confused which steps to follow. thanks
> Regards
> Samarth Arora
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