[ixpmanager] Error in installtion of Ixp manager v4

Samarth Arora samarthatdelhi at msn.com
Thu Jun 9 09:08:47 IST 2016

Thanks Andreas, As you suggested i  moved onto a different machine wit INtel I5 5200U supporting VT-x,running ubuntu 16.04. I've been successful in installing vagrant on my machine. Now I'd like to know how do i get mrtg up and running. As in all the databases have to be instaled in the virtual machine or my computer.

If you can provide a step by step instruction for mrtg, that'd be great thanks!


Samarth Arora

From: Andreas Tauscher <andreas at ict-pros.co.tz>
Sent: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 12:24 AM
To: samarthatdelhi at msn.com
Subject: Re: [ixpmanager] Error in installtion of Ixp manager v4

On 06.06.2016 15:16, Samarth Arora wrote:
> HI I'm using ubuntu ver16.04
> mysql ver 5.5.3
> php 7.0
> on a machine running on pentium D
> I'm getting the following error on virtual box 5.0

This message simply means that the CPU does not support virtual machines.
cpu-checker showed you also that KVM is not supported on this CPU.
You can maybe force virtual box to run without hardware support for
virtual machines but: The virtual machine will be extremely slow and the
host CPU will be permanent at 100% load.
You need a CPU supporting VT-X (hardware support for virtual machines)
and best also VT-D (hardware support for all I/O stuff a virtual machine


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