[ixpmanager] Diff (just for reference) of site-specific tweaks for compare-prefix tool

Rowan Thorpe rowan at rowanthorpe.com
Fri May 29 09:27:27 IST 2015

I am just emailing the attached git-diff here for reference - and it should
obviously not be part of a pull-request - as it includes the site-specific
tweaks I had to make to the hardcoded bits in the compare-prefixes perl-script
for it to work with our (skinned) bird-configs. I send it purely as a helpful
reference for you when you either:

 1. abstract some hardcoded stuff into configurable strings/variables if you
    even want to apply that effort for this perl script

 2. more quickly spot the bits that need abstracting when rewriting in PHP

Also, I realise there is an arbitrary line-in-the-sand at which you choose not
to accomodate every config-style under the sun, and instead require uniform
formatting in the templates - so that diff is useful only inasfar as you want
it to be. The diff applies on top of the two minor commits I just
pull-requested on github (in case you have conflicts when test-applying it on
the present master, that is why).

FWIW: Another gotcha I hit was that because we email ourselves diffs of
bird-config changes from a cronjob for easy visual reference/history, we had
multiple-line prefix-lists (with trailing comments) in our bird-configs for
readability (to avoid mega-long diff-lines). To make this script work we had to
change them to single lines to fit the `while (<LINE>) { regex }` logic, at the
cost of readability of our diff-emails.

Rowan Thorpe
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