[ixpmanager] v3 Documentation

Barry O'Donovan barry.odonovan at inex.ie
Sat Dec 29 09:58:27 GMT 2018

Mike Hammett wrote on 28/12/2018 17:48:
> Has the v3 documentation vanished? I'm looking 
> here: https://github.com/inex/IXP-Manager/wiki but it's rather sparse. I 
> see links to v3 documentation from the v4 documentation, but the pages 
> linked to are gone.
> Specifically, I'm looking for the MRTG portions at the moment.

Side note: The last major update on v3 dates from ~3 years ago. It's not 
advisable to use v3 anymore.

To answer the question, the v3 documentation is being migrated rather 
than vanished. See: https://docs.ixpmanager.org/ and specifically: 

If you really need the older docs, it's all in Git at the following 


  - Barry

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