[ixpmanager] How to add new tab on Ixp manager

Barry O'Donovan barry.odonovan at inex.ie
Mon Aug 13 11:19:37 IST 2018

Hi Saboor,

Abdul Saboor wrote on 13/08/2018 06:42:
> I am just working on IXP manager. It would be great if someone can guide 
> me how to add a new tab on the dashboard such as routers and switches.

I hate to start this answer negatively, but to be honest, this is bit 
out of scope of this mailing list (targeted for installing and using IXP 
Manager rather than developing IXP Manager) and also a bit beyond the 
time I have available for community support.

IXP Manager is a Laravel PHP application and, as it is currently the 
most popular web application framework (across all languages), there is 
a wealth of resources available for this.

What I suggest you do is:

- learn PHP and web-request based PHP well
- learn Laravel via:
   - https://laravel.com/docs/5.6
   - https://www.amazon.com/dp/1491936088
- build one (or more) sample Laravel apps
- then start looking at IXP Manager's codebase

Here's a link to how we added the 'Routers' page:


  - Barry

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