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Edrich de Lange edd at edd.za.net
Fri Aug 10 11:08:41 IST 2018


On Tue, 7 Aug 2018, 13:21 Edrich de Lange, <edd at edd.za.net> wrote:

> Hi All
> We are having some difficulty using the route server prefixes
> functionality with compare-route-server-prefixes.pl and thought it would
> be wise to see if there was something obvious that we were missing.
> We’ve converted one set of our route servers to use the ixpmanagers
> generated configs for bird, and that’s working fine.  The
> compare-route-server-prefixes.pl script correctly pulls in the routes
> being advertised.  But it thinks that 99% of these are not accepted  (it
> does show some as accepted, and some not advertised but accepted)
> according to the frontend.  (Meanwhile, at route-server level, the
> actual routes are being accepted, processed the route-server filters,
> and propagated onwards correctly)
> My perl is really sucky, so debugging this is also a bit difficult.  :-)
> I can see it inserting the routes into the DB, all fine, but the routes
> most get listed as “accepted but filtered” as opposed to “accepted
> and advertised”
> Debug output :
> INSERT: peer-as: xxxxx, prefix: x.x.x.x/x origin-as: xxxx, irrdb: 0
> Im assuming the irrdb:0 is what determines if its filtered or not. But I
> can not figure out where that data comes from. Out of about 50 000
> routes, there is about 15 that it says is accepted. (which is obviously
> incorrect).
> I have installed the perl libraries required, and I see no other errors
> from the script. It sees all the peers, along with their announcements.
> And if I run the command manually, it seems to be correct output:
> root at rs2:~# /usr/sbin/birdc -s /run/bird/bird6.ctl show route table
> t_0130_as32437 protocol pb_0130_as32437
> BIRD 1.6.3 ready.
> 2c0f:f178::/32 via 2001:43f8:1f0::121 on eth1
> [pb_0130_as32437 21:09:48] * (100) [AS32437i]
> And that prefix is definitely in the irrdb record
> root at rs2:~# bgpq3 -b -6 as-thusaconnect
> NN = [
>     2c0f:f178::/32
> ] ;
> Cluebat anyone?
> Edd
> edd at edd.za.net
> 0832629566
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