[ixpmanager] New install step by step

Vladislav Bidikov vladislav.bidikov at finki.ukim.mk
Mon Aug 6 14:05:39 IST 2018

Hi team,

Today we where going to connect the first "customer" and something strange is happening with the automatic script for generation of the config:

In the script we have the url:


And today we see a 404 error...



Says we are ok (API test fine, authenticated OK)

We did not any change on the IXP manager instance... any idea where to look into this ?

Best regards,




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Vladislav Bidikov wrote on 25/07/2018 21:38:
> Sorry - i mixed 2 different slide decks (someone needs to grab a coffee
> ) - and this old one (which is not the one i thought on the IXP manager
> site) is definitely one that can help


> That slide deck - solved the Cisco people...
> I have solved the Mikrotik ones... and i have a BIRD to try for the bird
> one 😊

Bird have some examples here:


While the slide deck I provided has Cisco examples, a network engineer
familiar with Juniper should be able to use the examples to program a
JunOS BGP config / any other device.

> At the end of the day - what is the worse that could happen if we
> miss-configure a router - we will not brake the internet just the ISP we
> experiment with .... :)

Any possibly any bilateral peers and possibly their upstreams. Big
internet outages are usually caused by human's fat-fingering a BGP

If you're using the IXP Manager generated route server configuration,
then that'll ensure nothing bad happens with those sessions.

  - Barry

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