[ixpmanager] VPLS/EVPN support

Andreas Polyrakis apolyr at noc.grnet.gr
Fri Jun 30 10:51:07 IST 2017


We also moving towards an EVPN/VXLAN direction, although we are not yet 
sure about the exact flavor. We have ruled out VPLS, but I mentioned 
this as I believe that there are still a lot of exchanges that implement it.

We have already deployed EVPN over VXLAN in the GRNET datacenters; so we 
hope that we will follow the same setup for GR-IX. However, given 
possible restrictions of the vendor that we end up with, we might 
implement only VXLAN (maybe with EVPN over MPLS as a last option).

I do not understand your comment about L2 addresses and EVPN. I would 
expect that they would be useful on a (plain) VXLAN environment, in 
order to replace the data plane mac learning. With EVPN, there is still 
some limited data plane mac learning on the port that participates on 
EVPN, but EVPN takes care of MAC synchronization between the PEs. Do you 
imply that there is a way to totally deactivate data plane mac learing? 
If yes, could you share some pointers (maybe on a private email, if you 
think that this is off-topic).

Anyway, getting back to our topic: One of the key drivers for switching 
to EVPN is to implement reselling in a way better than using fanout 
switches/ports: We want to be able to configure customers as vlans on a 
reseller port. IXPmanager does not support this; only entire ports can 
be assigned to customers. Any plans for this?


On 06/30/2017 11:33 AM, Barry O'Donovan wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> we looked at VPLS before and it was a nightmare. We've instead moved to
> VXLAN so we have no internal plans at looking at VPLS.
> EVPN however is something we're very interested in (EVPN+VXLAN) and will
> be looking at. The L2 ACLs I mentioned in the previous email relate to
> that by adding API endpoints to allow one to feed a MP-BGP EVPN instance
> with l2 addresses and end arp'ing / dynamic l2 fdbs.
>   - Barry
> Andreas Polyrakis wrote:
>> Hello again,
>> Following my previous email, I would like to ask if you plan to support
>> VPLS or EVPN setups.
>> (I create a separate thread for this, so as to not to mix up replies for
>> the two related but separate discussions)
>> Regards,

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