[ixpmanager] VPLS/EVPN support

Barry O'Donovan barry.odonovan at inex.ie
Fri Jun 30 09:33:26 IST 2017

Hi Andreas,

we looked at VPLS before and it was a nightmare. We've instead moved to
VXLAN so we have no internal plans at looking at VPLS.

EVPN however is something we're very interested in (EVPN+VXLAN) and will
be looking at. The L2 ACLs I mentioned in the previous email relate to
that by adding API endpoints to allow one to feed a MP-BGP EVPN instance
with l2 addresses and end arp'ing / dynamic l2 fdbs.

 - Barry

Andreas Polyrakis wrote:
> Hello again,
> Following my previous email, I would like to ask if you plan to support
> VPLS or EVPN setups.
> (I create a separate thread for this, so as to not to mix up replies for
> the two related but separate discussions)
> Regards,


Kind regards,
Barry O'Donovan
INEX Operations

+353 1 531 3339

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