[ixpmanager] IXP manager roadmap

Barry O'Donovan barry.odonovan at inex.ie
Fri Jun 30 09:29:58 IST 2017

Hi Andreas,

there is a published road map available as part of the sponsorship
program at:


This has been referenced here on the list quite a bit. As Yann has no
experience with FOSS to date, we're project managing this on a private
GitHub repo for now with big merges of completed features in the end. As
he gets more comfortable, we'll probably move this (GitHub issues,
project management, milestones) to the public repo.

We only hired Yann (the developer) in late Dec 2016 so we're really <6
months into year one with a lot accomplished already:

• Dedicated website [DONE]
• Logo [DONE]
• Complete and release v4 [DONE]
• L2 ACLs – most IXPs are moving towards static L2 ACLs rather than
dynamic port security. We want IXP Manager to provide database
management, a UI for updating (including member facing for router
changes) and zero touch provisioning to our switches. [DONE]
• Patch panel / cross connect management. [DONE]

Right now Yann is working on 'core bundles' - also known as ISL
(inter-switch LAGs). The functionality will include:

- wizard to create them (L2-LAG/LACP, L3-LAG/LACP, ECMP bundles)
- edit / manage
- automatic graph generation
- API endpoints for provisioning
- documentation
- (further along) monitoring

What's in that document aren't our only exclusive areas of activity.

The core bundles wasn't on the year one plan for example but is a major
gap in IXP Manager functionality that hurts a lot of users.

Separately, INEX have moved LAN1 to VXLAN with complete automated
provisioning via Salt. In the background we're working out the kinks,
documentation and filling in some gaps (e.g. core bundles) before we go
public on it. Aim for that is (maybe) euro-ix next.

On top of all of that, feature requests / bug reports at


remain on the list. Longer term stuff that we may consider are collated at:


These are particularly feature requests from issues that have no
short/medium term hopes of being done by us which get closed and moved

 - Barry

Andreas Polyrakis wrote:
> Hello Barry,
> I wonder if there is a published (rough) roadmap for IXPmanager. If not,
> it would be very helpful to set up and maintain one. That would help us
> to know what to expect; also it could encourage people to contribute on
> areas that they feel important but that are not on your priorities.
> Regards,


Kind regards,
Barry O'Donovan
INEX Operations

+353 1 531 3339

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