[ixpmanager] Generating Route server Configuration for Cisco routers

k.abdalla at q-ab.com k.abdalla at q-ab.com
Tue Dec 12 07:44:03 GMT 2017

Thanks again ,
Another question please , and sorry if it seems simple/stupid question, 
but I'm still learning unix/IXP manager stuff
Where do I need to places this part
"#! /bin/sh

# The API Key.
# This is generated in IXP Manager via the top right menu: *My Account 
-> API Keys*

# The base URL of your IXP Manager install plus: 

# The handle is as described above:

# Then the configuration can be pulled as follows:
curl --fail -s -H "X-IXP-Manager-API-Key: ${KEY}" ${URL}/${HANDLE} 


On 2017-12-11 04:25, Barry O'Donovan wrote:
> k.abdalla at q-ab.com wrote:
>> Now  , I have created Bird instance and added it successfully to IXP 
>> manager ,
>> How to stream the configuration to the BIRD instance ?
> Same link ;-)
> http://docs.ixpmanager.org/features/routers/#configuration-generation-overview
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