[ixpmanager] Prevent announcement from specific peers to specific peers via RS

Nick Hilliard nick at inex.ie
Thu Jun 16 16:53:25 IST 2016

Leon Meßner wrote:
> Assuming there are two types of peers A and B, if you are in set A you
> don't get routes from other peers in set A. If you are in set B you get
> routes from all peers in A and B.
> I probably have to implement this myself and i'm looking for the
> most elegant or sane way to do this. I probably need to:
> 1) Add tinyint to vlaninterface table schema
> 2) Edit application/modules/apiv1/controllers/RouterController.php
> 3) Add element to
>   application/views/vlan-interface/forms/vlan-interface.phtml
> 4) Edit my router-cli/server/bird/neighbor.cfg
> I could also maintain the list out of IXP-Manager or misuse some
> variable in the $int array which gets passed to neighbor.cfg and build
> the bird filter from that, but i would like peers to have easy access
> to that information. Perhaps even define a new customer TYPE.

it's a slightly unusual thing to do, but either way would work.  The
second option wouldn't be as flexible, but would provide better
insulation against problems when doing future upgrades.

Another option would be to maintain two different route servers, but you
would have to set up peering between them, and it might be a bit messy.

> Thanks for opensourcing your great tool guys.

glad you're using it!


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