[ixpmanager] Prevent announcement from specific peers to specific peers via RS

Leon Meßner l.messner at physik.tu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 16 14:34:40 IST 2016

i'm in the process of setting up IXP-Manager for a small "non-profit
organizations only"-IXP. I'd like to prevent announcement of routes
between a specific set of peers via the RS.
Assuming there are two types of peers A and B, if you are in set A you
don't get routes from other peers in set A. If you are in set B you get
routes from all peers in A and B.
I probably have to implement this myself and i'm looking for the
most elegant or sane way to do this. I probably need to:

1) Add tinyint to vlaninterface table schema
2) Edit application/modules/apiv1/controllers/RouterController.php
3) Add element to
4) Edit my router-cli/server/bird/neighbor.cfg

I could also maintain the list out of IXP-Manager or misuse some
variable in the $int array which gets passed to neighbor.cfg and build
the bird filter from that, but i would like peers to have easy access
to that information. Perhaps even define a new customer TYPE.

Thanks for opensourcing your great tool guys.


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