[ixpmanager] Aggregate graphs break graphing

Barry O'Donovan barry.odonovan at inex.ie
Mon Jun 6 14:19:56 IST 2016


Miku, E. Cornelius wrote:
> I'm from AIXP(Arusha Internet eXchange Point), that's an IX for a city
> in Tanzania.

Great! We love to see IXP Manager being used around the world :-)

>>         Two issues; 1. I couldn't add the switches using SNMP even though
>>         it's a recognised(Cisco) switch. Just curious here as I added
>>         manually and it was fine.
>>     Hmmm, odd. I think there may be a DNS lookup issue in the code. If
>>     you put an IP address in for hostname it may work. If you could file
>>     a bug report on GitHub, that'd be great :-)

 > I tried a hostname(FQDN) and an IP address and both didn't work.

Okay - is there any error? What make and model of switches are you using?

>         2. After adding customers their graphs were
>         working fine but once I added aggregate graphs they stopped updating
>         and the aggregate one is empty. Found MRTG daemon stopped and trying
>         to start it gives this error: *ERROR: CFG Error in
>         "maxbytes[ixp_peering-aixp_aggregate_traffic-bits]", file
>         /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg line 112: 0 must be a Number bigger than 0*

Okay, so the MaxByres for the overall switch and IXP aggregates are 
calculated based on the ifHighSpeed of the switch port which requires 
SNMP to work.

If we can solve the SNMP issue above and get SNMP switch polling [1] 
working, this will all solve itself.

  - Barry


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