[ixpmanager] Aggregate graphs break graphing

Barry O'Donovan barry.odonovan at inex.ie
Wed Jun 1 03:23:01 IST 2016

Hi Miku,

sorry for the delay! You caught me as I was leaving for RIPE72 and am 
only now catching up.

> I recently set up IXP Manager and slowly figuring my way around it.


> Two issues; 1. I couldn't add the switches using SNMP even though
> it's a recognised(Cisco) switch. Just curious here as I added
> manually and it was fine.

Hmmm, odd. I think there may be a DNS lookup issue in the code. If you 
put an IP address in for hostname it may work. If you could file a bug 
report on GitHub, that'd be great :-)

> 2. After adding customers their graphs were
> working fine but once I added aggregate graphs they stopped updating
> and the aggregate one is empty. Found MRTG daemon stopped and trying
> to start it gives this error: *ERROR: CFG Error in
> "maxbytes[ixp_peering-aixp_aggregate_traffic-bits]", file
> /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg line 112: 0 must be a Number bigger than 0*

Possibly a summation of max speeds issue. Can you email me the mrtg conf 
file directly (i.e. off list?)?

What IXP are you from?

  - Barry

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