[ixpmanager] IXP-Manager install

Nick Hilliard nick at inex.ie
Thu Jun 28 16:55:29 IST 2012

On 28/06/2012 15:40, Joe Wooller wrote:
> Ok the issue I am having now is actually adding a user that has all the
> correct fields, not having an understanding of how privs work and how to
> link to customer ids is proving challenging...
> I will plod along and try a few things. :)


I haven't done an initial install from the source but at the very least,
once you have the database up and running, you will need to do the
following, in roughly this order:

- create a customer record for WAIX
- create a customer superuser account + tie it to WAIX
- create a location entry for your POP
- add some cabinets to the location
- add some vendors (cisco / brocade / etc)
- add some switches to the cabinets
- add some ports to each of the switches, categorising them correctly into
peering / core / management
- create peering VLANs ("RC VRF Name" == "route collector vrf")
- create a bunch of IP addresses

This will put your database into a state where it would be meaningful to
add new customers.  After you add new customers, you can then use Ports |
Quick Add to add in new customer ports.

I'm going to try to get a little time to git push a pile of the other stuff
we have internally, including:

- quagga route server configuration
- cisco route collector configuration
- mrtg configuration
- sflow stuff (needs a serious implementation problem fixed first)
- various other monitoring bits and pieces


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